3 Reasons to Get a Professional Roof Inspection

The status of our roof rarely crosses our minds – until there’s a problem. To increase your roof’s longevity, it’s important to get a professional roof inspection. With proper maintenance – and a professional roof inspection from commercial roofing contractors – you can avoid the enormous expense of roof replacement. All South Roofing provides professional, expert roofing inspections, repairs and other roofing services in Augusta GA and the surrounding areas. Here are three reasons you should get a professional roof inspection.

The Weather

Was there recently a big storm in your area? If so, now is the perfect opportunity to have an inspection by trained commercial roofing contractors. Over time, water can weaken the materials that hold your roof together and turn a small leak into a huge expense. The roof inspector can make observations and minor repairs proactively to spare you from replacing the entire roof.

Your Roof’s Age

Do you know how old your roof is? If not, can you remember the last time it was inspected? Most likely, that means it is time to have it examined by a professional. Most shingles are designed for durability, and most companies have a warranty in place. When you see damage, be sure to have the proper warranty documentation and a recommendation from a professional inspector, then have the manufacturing company examine the roof in a timely manner.

Routine Maintenance

Although it’s normal to only fix an issue when it arises, it is just a good idea to have your roof inspected regularly. There’s no harm in having a professional come in from time to time to make sure everything is OK with your roof. It’s better to find issues sooner than later. The longer you wait, the more severe the damage will be, which means the more money you will spend to get your roof fixed. In some instances, roof damage will not be apparent to someone without proper training. Be sure to call the roofing experts at least once a year for a checkup.

Our commercial roofing contractors at All South Roofing are trained in inspections, repairs and a variety of roofing services in Augusta GA. If you need help with residential or commercial roofing or siding, give us a call today at 706-495-5102.