6 Things Your Windows are Trying to Tell You

Internet tutorials can successfully guide you through many at-home projects, but some jobs require a specialist. All South Roofing has been serving the North Augusta/Aiken area for more than 15 years with a variety of services to maintain your home at reasonable prices.

We serve as a one-stop shop specializing in siding, roofing and windows, including window installation in Augusta and window replacement in Augusta GA. The windows of your home are often overlooked, but they serve purposes beyond giving you a pretty view. Here are six things your windows are trying to tell you.

  • If you are experiencing higher-than-normal electric bills, then your windows might be saying there’s a leak. Aside from the aesthetics and curb appeal of new windows, they also help you save money on energy costs. A properly installed window provides insulation, reducing the monthly cost associated with your air conditioning unit.
  • If you notice a significant change in temperature near your windows, they are telling you that the panes or the weather stripping around the sashes need to be replaced. Before calling in one of our specialists, you might be able to identify the source of the draft and establish a temporary solution. If the source is a crack in the glass, you can create a temporary seal with plastic film and a blow dryer. If the draft is coming from part of the window pane, many home improvement stores sell draft snakes. These act as a barrier and prevent the air from seeping in. These are only temporary fixes, though, and you should call our experts for affordable window installation or window repair in Augusta GA.
  • If water is making its way inside around your windows, it could mean your window isn’t closing tightly enough. You should lock your window to create a tighter seal. If water is still getting in, the leak may be coming from elsewhere. Leaking water from anywhere – windows, roof, pipes – demands immediate attention before repair costs pile up.
  • Do you ever notice condensation buildup on the interior of your windows? Your windows could be saying you have a gas leak. The gas is usually argon, which acts as an insulator between the panes of glass. Once the gas leaks out, window replacement in Augusta GA may be the only solution.
  • Rotten wood around window frames indicates a prolonged leak. The rotting happens because water is making its way in through cracks. This will, in the long run, cause other forms of water damage in the foundation of your home. It is probably time to invest in new window installation in Augusta.
  • When your windows become too hard to open and close, your windows are saying the wood around the frame has expanded. With vinyl models, it may mean a broken spring or seal. Either way, you likely need window replacement.

All South Roofing always uses top brands and materials. The best part is that the quote and inspection are free! Contact us at 706-495-5102 if it’s time for window installation in Augusta or window replacement in Augusta GA.