Do You Need New Windows? 4 Signs it’s time for an Upgrade

Your windows let natural light in, allow you see the outside world from the comfort of your home and keep you comfortable. When your windows start to fail, though, your energy bills increase, your comfort decreases and it just looks bad. If you need new windows, you should call a professional window installation company. All South Roofing is the only call you need to make for expert, affordable window replacement in Augusta. Here are four signs it’s time for a window upgrade:

1. You Don’t Like the Way They Look

This is totally up to you. Even if there is nothing wrong with your windows, aesthetics are important. If you just don’t like the way your windows look, call All South for window replacement in Augusta. Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes with options including flip-down windows for easy cleaning and even tint. So, if you simply want a new look or different options, All South, your local window installation company, is here to help.

2. Your Windows Don’t Work Correctly

Walk through your home and make sure all windows open and close smoothly. All windows should open and close with little effort. You might not think about it now, but windows that don’t open or are difficult to open are dangerous in the event of a fire or other emergency in which a quick exit is required.

3. Condensation Builds Up on the Glass

Double-pane windows are great for protection from outside elements and for comfort control. Sometimes, though, the seal between window panes can leak, which lets in moisture. A sure sign this has happened is when you see condensation building up within your windows. Most times, this cannot be fixed, and you will need window replacement in Augusta.

4. Your Windows are Damaged

If you have decaying or rotten frames or broken panes of glass, you should definitely call your window installation company. Those are obvious signs that are easy to see. A less-obvious sign of damaged windows or frames is a change in temperature. If the area around your windows is a different temperature than the rest of the room, you have a problem. If it is hot outside and the air conditioner is on, the last thing you want is hot air leaking in through your windows. It might not look ugly, like condensation, but leaky windows will cost you more money in energy bills.

When the time comes, and you need a great window installation company, call All South Roofing. We have the experience and skills to provide excellent, affordable window replacement in Augusta.