How to Choose a Roof for Your Home

No matter whether you are building a new home or replacing your current roof, there many factors to consider. Do you want wood or asphalt shingles? Clay tiles, perhaps? Or a metal roof? And if you choose metal, which color? Sure, you want your new roof to look great, but you also need to think about installation requirements, costs and material weight. All of these factors play roles in determining the best new roof for your home.

Think about what you want, then consult with All-South Roofing, offering expert roof repair services in Augusta. Our experienced residential and commercial roofing experts will gladly help you decide on the perfect new roof for your home.

Which material is best?

If you are remodeling, your existing roof will likely determine which material you use, though it is common to change from shingles to metal or vice versa. Take a look at homes similar to yours to see what you like in the way of color and texture.

When you are deciding on a material, be sure to consult your trusted roof repair services in Augusta – All South Roofing. Experienced residential and commercial roofing contractors will be able guide you in the right direction. You might like the look of a wood-shingle roof made of cedar or redwood. Fire codes in some areas restrict its use, though, and roofing experts would know this information.

Some roofing materials to consider:

  • Asphalt singles are the most common. They are inexpensive compared to other material.
  • Wood is beautiful and can last 25 years or more.
  • Metal is more expensive but is durable and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Tile and cement are popular in Spanish-style homes. Very durable but can be expensive and heavy.
  • Slate is perhaps the most durable roofing material there is, but it is extremely heavy.

Consider the Cost

Several factors go into determining the cost of a new roof. The price of material for your new roof is just a starting point. It will add to the cost if you have a current roof that needs to be removed. The shape of the roof you want also influences your cost. A simple roof with few changes is a simple, less expensive installation. A new roof with different angles, intersecting rooflines, skylights, chimneys, vent pipes or turrets becomes a more expensive installation.

Don’t Do It Yourself

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