How to Tell If You Need a Roof Replacement

Your roof is your primary defense against the outside elements. We often take a functional roof for granted, but we should closely monitor its condition. This will require an inspection of both the interior and exterior. Some roof damage can be subtle and less obvious. Any damage needs immediate attention and requires expert residential roof repair.

When looking at the exterior, pay close attention to the areas where the roof and siding meet. If you notice any distortion or warping, water is most likely making its way between the materials. Pay attention to the individual shingles; if they’re sagging or cracked, this can indicate that they are not properly ventilated from the inside.

From the interior, you should closely examine attic spaces and other areas on the uppermost level of your home. If you see any debris from outside, there is a hole or crack. If you can see daylight between these cracks, water can get in. Water is the biggest indicator of interior roof damage. If there is discoloration or warping along the wall or the ceiling – or even on the floor – you might need residential roof repair.

Minor repairs often can help you avoid the bigger expense of roof replacement, but it might not be the best solution. All South Roofing provides inspections, repairs, replacement and other roofing services in Evans GA and the surrounding areas.

Some factors influence your ultimate decision. First, determine the age of your roof. Most roofing companies keep their products under warranty and will handle the repairs themselves.

If you can’t determine the age of your roof and you find extensive damage, it could be time to replace the entire roof. If water damage is obvious and in several areas, you likely need a new roof. Your top priority should be to have a solid roof over your head.

Call us today at 706-495-5102 for a free inspection to ensure your roof is in its best shape. All South Roofing is your one stop for all roofing services in Evans GA and the surrounding area, including residential roof repair. It’s important that you get this taken care of as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be.