Top 10 Tips for Replacing Your Roof

There are a lot of factors to consider when it’s time to replace your roof. First and foremost, you need a reliable, experienced roofing and siding company that provides quality work. Whether you need roof repair in Augusta GA or full roof replacement, All South Roofing is the only call you need to make. We will help you through every step, from deciding on roofing material to cleaning up after we’re done. If you’re planning on replacing your roof, here are 10 tips to keep in mind:

1. Do Not Re-roof

Many people want to save money by putting new shingles or roofing material over the existing roof. This is known as re-roofing roofing over. Sure, it might save money in the short term on disposal and labor costs, but you could be missing some big problems that are only revealed when uncovering the underlying deck.

2. Repair Wood Under Your Shingles

A vital part of professional roof replacement is fixing any damage to the underlying wood. A reputable roofing and siding company will remove your shingles and fix any damage to the deck.

3. Roof Size Does Matter

The size or your roof, of course, plays a major role in the cost of roof replacement and roof repair in Augusta GA. Your roofing and siding company will measure your roof and determine how much material is needed to complete the job.

4. Ventilation Counts

Proper ventilation contributes your roof’s longevity because it regulates attic temperatures and reduces moisture buildup. All South Roofing will ensure your roof is ventilated correctly so it lasts as long as possible.

5. Don’t Get Blown Away

When deciding what type of material to use and how to warrantee the work, wind speed is taken into consideration, especially in places prone to severe weather.

6. Protect Your Roof Deck

Shingles – or any other material – should never be attached directly to the wood on the roof. Protective barriers between the roof deck and the shingles prolong the life of your roof and help prevent water damage. All South is an experienced roofing and siding company, so we make sure the correct protective barriers, flashing and drip edges are used.

7. Know Your Contractor

Is your contractor licensed and bonded for roof repair in Augusta GA? Does the company have the right insurance? Does the contractor get the right permits and follow building codes and regulations? What work have they done nearby? All South has everything we need to do our job properly and ensure your peace of mind.

8. Know Your Warrantee

Roof replacement is a big investment, and one that All South is happy to warrantee. Exact warrantees depend on the individual job, and we will gladly make sure you are aware of what your warrantee covers.

9. Make Sure Your Yard will be Clean

Replacing a roof creates a lot of debris – old nails, shingles and wood, wrapping supplies from new material and much more. An important part of every one of our jobs is the cleanup. Our worksite is your home, so we make sure it is done right.

10. Price isn’t everything

Our natural instinct is to find the lowest price. Price, of course, is important, but make sure you get everything you want out of your roof replacement. All South is an experienced roofing and siding company dedicated to quality roof repairs in Augusta GA and the surrounding area. We will make sure you are aware of all costs involved in your quality roof replacement.