What are the Benefits of Replacing Old Windows?

Window technology has come a very long way in recent years. Windows that were the best available several years ago just can’t compete with today’s energy-efficient models that feature two panes of glass with argon gas between them. If you have older windows that are starting to get drafty or foggy, call All South Roofing today for expert window installation in Augusta and window replacement in Augusta GA. There are several advantages to replacing those old windows:

Increased Light & View: New windows are designed to reduce unwanted heat gain and still allow just the right amount of light into your home or office.

Reduced Condensation: Older windows are infamous for condensation buildup, which gives them a constant wet, foggy look. New technology keeps this from happening.

Energy cost savings: Energy-efficient windows can substantially reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling your home.

Lower HVAC Costs: New window installation in Augusta can reduce your annual heating and cooling bills, but it also reduces what is needed to keep your interior comfortable. This can reduce the size of the equipment needed to heat and cool your home or office.

Improved Comfort: Energy-efficient window replacement in Augusta GA makes sense from a comfort standpoint. Old windows let in a lot of cold air from the outside, leading to uncomfortable drafts. Hot air and direct sunlight in warmer months can make it impossible to cool off.

When the time comes for window replacement in Augusta GA, call the experts at All South Roofing. Our technicians are educated in the latest technology and have years of experience with window installation in Augusta.