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All South Roofing is Augusta Built from the ground up!  This local roofing, siding and window company all started 15 years ago when owner, Kevin Tierney, went door-to-door in the Augusta area.  For every 10 houses he visited, he found roofing work and began to build the reputable company that exists today.

All South sets itself apart from other roofing companies by offering a no money down guarantee.  Krystle Kight, Office Manager at All South Roofing, explains, “We finish the work before we take a dime from the customer.  It gives them the reassurance that we will get the job done.  We like for our customers to feel comfortable and in control.”

When storms cause damage to homes, All South will work with customer’s insurance companies. Some damage takes time to reveal itself, and any damage that is reported within a year of the ice storm could be covered by insurance.

All South encourages those with roof damage to be wary when hiring a roofing company.  Scams are common after any type of storm that causes major damage, so it is always important to research a company before hiring them to work on or in your home.  Additionally, after a storm, storm chasers move in to the area temporarily to get business.  While some of these storm chasers may be legitimate companies, once they are done with a job, they leave the area.  If there are any issues with a roof after the storm chaser has gone, it is extremely difficult to contact those companies or get them to fix problems with a new roof.

“We encourage people to buy local when it comes to their roof.  We will be here if you have an issue, and we stand by our work,” Kight explains.  All South is an established company located in the CSRA.  They offer a five year labor warranty on all of their jobs, and depending on what type of shingles are used on a roof, those may carry a 25 year warranty or a lifetime warranty.

All South offers free inspections and estimates for roofing.  Kight comments, “We have had plenty of customers who are unsure whether or not their roof is damaged, and we will go out to inspect just to make sure.  We have also had cases where we inspect a roof and find no damage, but as soon as a heavy rain comes through, the homeowner calls with a roof leak.”  Sometimes damage can be nearly impossible to spot.  Insurance companies give customers one year from the time of a major storm to report damage.  “We encourage our customers to check for leaks after a heavy rain and to report any issues before your claim time runs out.  It is better to have your roof inspected and covered if there is damage rather than waiting and paying out of pocket later,” Kight adds.

All South Roofing offers roof repair or replacement, replacement windows and doors, siding, and sunroom or screened porch conversions.  If you believe that you have roof damage or are in need of a new roof, give All South Roofing a call.  For more information on All South Roofing, call 706.495.5102.

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All South Owner – Kevin Tierney
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Office Manager – Krystle Kight
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Salesman – Chris Hoehn
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Sales Rep. – Luke Detchemendy

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